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About Our Remineralizing Tooth Powders

Tooth decay grows and destroys teeth when the demineralization of your teeth outweighs remineralization. Both of these processes happen all the time in your mouth and are impacted by your diet, your oral hygiene, mouth breathing, and ultimately, your oral microbiome.

Our remineralizing tooth powders works to repair tooth enamel before cavities are formed. We use concentrated trace minerals to strengthen weakened enamel and prevent plaque and bacteria from sticking to the surface of the teeth. Our tooth powders are all natural, organic, and vegan friendly.  There are no fillers or harsh abrasives in our products, which allows for a higher mineral concentration than toothpaste.



Calcium Carbonate
Re-mineralizes teeth, decreases enamel sensitivity, and helps to remove plaque.

Magnesium Carbonate
Hardens enamel and removes debris and surface stains.

Birch Xylitol
Inhibits plaque and bacteria from sticking to the surface of teeth by acting on those bacteria that produce acids.

Essential Oils
Food grade, vegan friendly, gluten free and fee of nut and dairy allergens.